Get ahead of the curve with a bespoke vegan hotel concept

Vegan Hotel Concepts helps hotels worldwide create a seamless customer journey for the discerning vegan guest, from booking to check-out.

With our expertise and commitment to ethical practices, we navigate the growing demand for vegan hospitality. Let us create a customised vegan hotel concept aligned with your sustainability goals.


Simone Aïda Baur is an award-winning interior designer and multi-lingual hospitality professional. In 2014 she founded boutique interior design consultancy GLOBAL INSPIRATIONS DESIGN and has built a reputation for creating unique spaces that reflect her clients’ personality, culture, and life journey. Her ability to create that ‘Sense of Home’ in private homes and vacation homes worldwide, especially throughout Switzerland and the Caribbean, is a direct result of her previous career in the hospitality industry and her own experience of living as an expat across the globe.

As a vegan she’s also on a mission to create sophisticated interiors without the use of any animal-derived products. In line with her personal values, she’s committed to sourcing ethical and sustainable materials and actively raising awareness of the need for vegan and sustainable materials in the interior design industry.

As they say, once a hotelier, always a hotelier. Simone’s currently in the process of launching VEGAN HOTEL CONCEPTS to bridge the gap between her experiences, passions and values. Her vision is to help hotels around the globe create a seamless customer journey for the discerning vegan guest allowing them to attract and cater to this growing customer segment and helping them take an important step towards their sustainability goals.


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